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Senior People Meet
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2 stars based on 6 user reviews:
Senior People Meet Rating based on our reviews and complaints.
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Reviews and Complaints for Top Dating Services.
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Senior People Meet
Dating for Singles Ages 55 and Up

Senior People Meet provides a simple online dating space where individuals can set up a profile for free and view other singles' profiles for free. The service is aimed at individuals aged 55 and up who are interested in dating a mature single in their own age bracket. In addition to basic biographical information, your profile on Senior People Meet can include a profile photo and several paragraphs in which you describe your interests, an overview of your personality and some information about the type of person that you are interested in meeting. There are thousands of singles listed on Senior People Meet and the site's free membership also allows reviews for a partner by location. Members can initiate contacts by email and send flirts or chat. Younger singles can and do use Senior People Meet but they are aware that Senior People Meet is a dating service aimed at individuals 55 and older so their membership indicates that they are interested in meeting and dating older people.

Senior People Meet Complaints & Reviews

  Eli Wilson - Baltimore, Maryland May 08, 2009
Rating for Senior People Meet review.
My wife passed away when I was 66 and I never intended to enter into another relationship. I'd heard complaints about other dating services from other friends that indicated that their main complaint was the age of the members -- for the most part, guys in their 50s and 60s weren't interested in dating young girls. I certainly wasn't. But my poker buddies suggested that I review the idea of looking for a compatible woman on a site for older individuals, even just for friendship. I was a bit reticent but one of these poker friends had recently met someone through Senior People Meet and he was very enthusiastic about the opportunity, so I signed up for the free service. I appreciated the ability to review women's profiles and photos without any obligation to continue with the contact, but once I dipped my toes into the dating scene, I was quickly ready to plunge in and give it a full-hearted try. The Senior People Meet matchmaking site allowed me to connect with women my own age who share my interests and are also looking for a pleasant friendship with a member of the opposite sex. I've met a couple of women through the site and have really enjoyed the experience. I still don't see romance in the future, but I'm definitely more open to it than I was a year ago.

  Ron M. Jan 20, 2013
Rating for Senior People Meet review.
hi, i have a complaint that no one seems to want to hear at this dating site. i cancelled my membership last November of 2012 and this dating site is still taking payment from my credit card. last one was on the 16 of January 2013. what can be done? sincerely

  Terri H. March 19, 2013
Rating for Senior People Meet review.
I have my profile on Senior People Meet and I can't get it off, I have tried to cancel it many times with no success, I log back in with success to see if it is off and it isn't, there seems to be no address or phone number to contact these people.

  Renate Mc. May 7, 2013
Rating for Senior People Meet review.
I have been on your sight since March, 2013.  I am very disappointed with this sight.  I pay good money and expect a lot more than I am getting. You send me 3 matches daily - these matches do not fit my profile.  The complaint I have is:  the men you have chosen are shorter, younger, with different interests than mine.  My basic and advanced search clearly specifies what I am searching for and the men you sent me, do not in any way match this search.   Also, when I do the search myself, I always get the same people that I got back in March.  I know of a few men on this sight that are a very good match for you that never come up when I do the basic or the advanced search. I am soooooooooooo disappointed and am not at all pleased with Senior People Meet.  I would certainly never recommend this sight to anyone.  All you are interested in is that I pay my dues but the service I am getting for this payment is terrible. I sincerely hope someone reads this email and that changes will be made.

  Brian K. May 7, 2013
Rating for Senior People Meet review.
I was travelling and tried to access my account with SeniorPeopleMeet and they deactivated my account for so called security reasons. There really isn’t anything personal that could be stolen. Now I can’t even contact them.

  Chaleureuse june 3, 2013
Rating for Senior People Meet review.
Approximately 3 weeks ago I entered the site and registered for 3 months...I met a 60 year old man by the name of "Goodgoodlove" and we started communicating by email.It turned out that we were very compatible and he declared that he was away on an engineering contract job in Cyprus and that he was very anxious to meet me etc. etc....we wrote back and forth for 2 weeks and he was supposed to return with his 2 adult children (who were studying in Germany at the time) on June 1st.  Plans were made that I would meet them all at the Winnipeg Airport.  On May 27th we communicated by email and he declared that he was having a bad day and plse could I of course I asked how?...He proceeded by sending a described situation about a tractor breaking down and could I send him some money and he'd be glad to repay me doubly when we would meet on the 1st... Well in no uncertain terms would I be caught in a scam and I told him so and discontinued the connection.  I checked out of my yahoo messenger connection with him and a few hours later I tried to reconnect just to see if he was still such name ... I'm sorry to say my experience was not the best with Senior People meet and I'm not sure how I could get my money back or if I can at all... Hope to hear from someone about this  soon.